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Personal Training in Oakland Park Florida




Living the dream in South Florida is every day I get to change someone's life for the better. For decades I have been developing my philosophies on all aspects of exercise and nutrition as well as human behavior. I left Washington DC in 1997 with my fitness credentials and a plan to go to the beach everyday and party every night and enjoy all that South Beach had to offer. Being a Personal Trainer was a way to pay my bills and enjoy my love of exercise and good food.  Along the way I found my passion for helping others and natural teaching skills with an empathy I never knew I had.....  Fast forward to today and a lot has changed since being certified with ACE, the American Council of Exercise but not my desire to help people find their path to a healthier lifestyle.   With an open mind and a hunger for knowledge and a genuine love of my people and my craft, I am ready for 20 more years.  



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Private Gym & Pool


250 square feet of rubber flooring holds 700 pounds of weights in a simple but modern set up that has all we need. There is plenty of filtered water and fresh towels to go with the TRX bands and the pull up and dip stations. A heavy bag, stability balls, mats, ab slings, and assorted physical therapy tools get plenty of attention. It is kept very clean and I am confident that no one caught a cold here. The pool is great for folks who need very low impact, are very heavy or arthritic, and everyone else who likes to get wet and change up the routine. The inversion table is a must for my clients with temporary or chronic back issues. 

Private Gym in Oakland Park FL
Private Gym in Oakland Park FL
Private Gym and Pool in Oakland Park FL
Private Gym


I offer single workouts for $60 and will credit their cost to the purchase of a package.  A package of 10 workouts is $500.  I offer discounts for frequency, time of day, and referrals, plus occasional promotions.  Your method of payment may change this rate as well. I like to help anyone who asks so its best to speak with me.

Frank Ward Personal Trainer in Oakland Park FL


I have worked with clients of every fitness level, gender, age, and experience.  Although we all have the same bones and muscles and we all move the same way, we are all different in our abilities, weaknesses, goals, and motivations.  Therefore each workout is customized to the needs of each client.  Im ready to help whether your goals are sensible weight loss or lean muscle gain, physical therapy continuation or overall better fitness. 

 Strength and flexibility training takes many forms including free weights, calisthenics, heavy bag, yoga, core exercise, body weight challenges, water exercise and more. Sometimes the pool comes in handy for when clients find moving difficult and the lowest impact possible is needed. Its also a fun diversion from our typical gym workouts. Unless you bring a partner, all workouts are one-on-one with just us in the studio that is kept very clean. 

No more waiting for gym equipment means more time for your workout.   I like to include supersets, drop sets, active recovery programs and more to make sure everyone is pushed to their maximum and never get bored.  I switch exercises weekly or biweekly to hundreds of different combinations to always keep you on your toes. 

Nothing can build your confidence and self esteem like a vigorous fitness program. That would be true for teens as well as seniors, men and women, and all orientations. We can create new habits to last a lifetime and learn outlets to the stress of living in South Florida. 

Nutrition is a huge part of any fitness program, I am not a nutritionist but what we eat and supplement with way more than half the battle.  We will discuss what we need to change and how to make smarter choices at the grocery store and eating out.  I have made nutrition a big part of my continuing education.  

The gym is equipped with all kinds of music, filtered water, clean towels, and a bathroom with a shower. 

a person working out

Stories of success.

''I had back surgery after years of suffering from back pain and a long ignored shoulder injury. Frank was great in helping me regain my strength and my body shape is better than ever. I have lost 20 lbs. and kept it off for over 3 years.  Frank worked with my orthopedist and the physical therapy made my shoulder as strong and flexible as the uninjured. He is very funny and I actually look forward to going to the gym.'' 

Ronald L., 46

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