Hi! I'm Frank and 
you can meet me 
    in my private
    training studio
    in Oakland Park,

Since 1997, I have been certified with the American Council of Exercise and changing lives everyday. Strength and flexibility training is just the beginning with a range of activities available including water aerobics, core exercises, light yoga, heavy bag, body weight challenges, free weights, calistenics,and more. Nutrition is a big part of any fitness program and I will help you with your diet, shopping lists, and any necessary supplements.

I work well with all fitness levels, ages, and genders;and I'm told my style is pleasant and encouraging to push you to your limits and beyond. I enjoy my work everyday and especially love helping my clients to achieve their goals. So whether it healthy weight loss or lean muscle gain, physical therapy continuation, or just overall fitness, I hope to hear from you!!

Oakland Park, Florida 33309
954 630 0908

The Basics

Call: 954 630 0908